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Re: Looping mentions in the music press


In a message dated 02/05/05 7:52:40, tiktok@sprintmail.com writes:

And the new issue of Guitar Player (March 2005) has Nels Cline, noted
patron of the EH 16 on the cover

And I can say I knew him when. Heheheh.

Nels is EXACTLY the humble and generous guy AND the talented, creative
and blazing musician described in the article. He used to perform in and
organize the "New Music Monday" program at the now defunct Alligator
Lounge in Santa Monica, CA some years back -- when I still lived in SoCal.

I've seen him play scads of times and always had to pick my jaw and
eye-balls up off the floor every time. I've played on that same stage a
few times myself and he was always very generous and encouraging
at the bar afterwards.

There is an expression: "It couldn't happen to a nicer guy." Well, in
this one case it happens to be true. He also gives hope to us "older"
players that dispels the thought that if you haven't made your "mark"
by the time you're twentysomething you should just give up. He didn't
and look where he is now.

That is soooooo cool.

Best regards,

tEd kiLLiAn

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