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Looping mentions in the music press

The new issue of Frets (Winter 2005) has a one-page article on the 
JamMan by Joseph Arthur, extolling its virtues and usefulness in his 
music (he uses two of them sync'ed together live to whip up backing 
tracks for himself on the fly).  "Well, it is what it is.  It's 
certainly not a hi-fi device, and it has limited function, but I like 
it.  I mean, it wn't save the world, you know?  Still, it sounds good 
enough for me, and it inspires me to create all sorts of strange 

And the new issue of Guitar Player (March 2005) has Nels Cline, noted 
patron of the EH 16 on the cover and an Andy Summers article discussing 
his new album with Ben Verdery which makes use of...Summertronics.  


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