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Violin Looper performing in SF

Hello fellow loopists,

        I do live phrase sampling (i.e. looping) using a six-string 
violin, a bunch of effects, an RC-20 and a Boomerang. I go for long loops -
like 16 or 32 bars, and I try to make each loops sound like a complete song
with an arrangement that builds. I call my act the One-Man String Quartet.

        I have posted 8 mp3s of these songs on my website 
www.adrianwest.com. I
invite you to take a listen.

        I also invite anyone living in the California Bay Area to come 
hear me
perform my loops live on Feb. 19th in San Francisco. Details about the show
are below.


Adrian West

Saturday Feb. 19th, 8:00 pm
Off-Market Theater
965 Mission @ 5th street (415) 896-6477  -  $12 - $15 sliding scale  - All
Ages -- www.cafearts.com
Adrian West's One-Man String Quartet followed by
Middle-eastern-inspired rock, pop & jazz innovations by Bruce Burger of
RebbeSoul - www.rebbesoul.com
Note of interest: this venue has recently acquired its liquor license!