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Re: harpist new to loops

     Hey Linda,

     It's not clear from your post just what you are looking to do with 
looping.  I'm in Seattle
also, and I'd be glad to chat on the phone a bit if you like.  I do a lot 
of looping with
keyboards and I've finally settled on the Repeater as my looper of choice.

           Stephen    547 9696

I play double-strung folk harps and have been bit by the looping bug. I 
need one and soon, for the

improvisational/rhythmic music I perform.  But I haven't got a clue what 
to buy.  I'm a luddite as

far as tech/computuer/musical interfaces are concerned, so just need a 
simple box (the simplest?) 
with which to loop two tracks, if that's the right way to describe it.  
Any suggestions?  I use a 
Barcus Berry transducer pick up mic on the harp, and have a 2-channel, 
non-fancy amp to use when 
needed.  More often I plug into a house PA system.

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