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RE: emulating a cheap sampling toy

Nice!!!  I bet you were able to splice more than just 
conversations into your loops. ;)  All this reminds me of 
the looping conference in Santa Cruz, when that guy (forgot 
his name), had the two opera singers/actors sitting in the 
crowd with their wirless headsets on...and then they were 
doing some act in the backroom...while we listened from the 
PA speakers. 


funny that,

I did a show where I put baby monitors under te tables of 
the guests and 
began to spice bits of their converstion into my loops using 
and headphone 
out of the parent monitor.

Phill WIlson

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>Subject: RE: emulating a cheap sampling toy
>Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2005 09:22:03 -0700
>How about this...buy youself an inexpensive baby monitor 
system.  The
>cool thing is that it is wireless...plus I think it's a 
>ludicrous use of the technology! :)  You could just put a 
mic on the
>receive side (parent) and put the transmitter side (baby) 
next to your
>sound source (amp, percussion devices, mouth, etc).    I'm 
thinking you
>could do all sorts of clever things with the wireless part, 
like leaving
>your music loops go, and wandering around with the 
transimtter, corny
>audience interaction, etc.

>(some of these have two receivers, so you could get really 
>Sorry if someone already suggested this...  Hah!!!

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