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Re: Line 6 -DL4 or Boss DD-20 or?

> I have in the past used 2 revox(es) to achieve frippertronic/terry 
> riley type improvisations. I'm tempted to go for the DL-4, (sounds good 
> from what I've seen written about it), but what is the other serious 
> competition, I see the Boss DD-20 boasts 23 sec. delay time w/ sound on 
> sound fx,. Is there anything else I should consider before I buy?

IMO the DL4 is a most interesting delay and a great *vanilla* looper. In
other words the looping is pretty straightforward and simple without a lot
of extra things in it. There is a short delay insdie the looper which can
add some effect but otherwise it's a simple loop, reverse, 1/2 speed
machine all easily available in realtime with nice big stomps switches.

I looked at the newer boss loopers and if I'm not mistaken you can't
reverse on the fly without a third extrenal pedal. Don't know what other
features they offer.

The real question you need ot ask is do you want a simple loop box or do
you want something to mess up the sound on the fly inside the box once
it's there. For me, there is no better *simple* and convenient loops box
than the DL4. it's entirely self contained and a battery run floor unit so
you don't need *anything* lese to loop. plus it's got some crazy delays in
there as well so you can use it for many, MANY other things outside of

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