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AW: OT ELP/JP (rip)

I used to dislike any kind of organ use in rock (or jazz) music. Then I
listened to Tarkus to the first time...the beginning of the organ solo
in "Mass" seemed unreal to me - this sounded like someone starting to
puke! I may not say this album has changed my life, but it definitely
changed my live sound!

I once started to write an essay about the progressive rock phenomenon,
and there I stated the thesis that each of the big groups of this genre
in the seventies reached their climax with their double (or triple)
album. For ELP, this was the "Welcome back my friends" album, for Yes,
the "Yessongs", and for Genesis, it was the Lamb.

Alas, there hasn't been a double album by King Crimson (if you don't
count in the B'Boom "officialized bootleg")

And btw, in case you haven't done so already - "UP" by Peter Gabriel is
a great album (albeit not a proggy one). I want to own his staff of
engineers for a day...


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Betreff: Re: OT ELP/JP (rip)

ELP was the shit.  Tarkus changed my life.

Some of the later stuff was...well...just wrong.  Love Beach?  This is 
the same guy who played on In the Court of the Crimson King and Tarkus?

Oh well.

Still, what they did that was good, was really good.

Emerson's organ sound on the first two albums is the best.


Suit & Tie Guy wrote:
> On Feb 3, 2005, at 12:40 PM, goddard.duncan@mtvne.com wrote:
>> they were a technically-accomplished trio, but quite lacking in any
>> creative sense-of-purpose or direction, & they managed to alienate 
>> many peers in the business with their in-jokes & technical excesses.
>> & thus peel described ELP as "a waste of /talent/ & electricity".
> even put into perspective, John Peel's comments were completely 
> unfair.
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> Eric Williamson
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