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RE: OT ELP/JP (rip)

Title: RE: OT ELP/JP (rip)

>>Hmm. I seem to remember John Peel regarded Emerson as "a waste of electricity" even in the early seventies. I still see no reason to disagree.<<

if you're going to start quoting the great man peel, at least quote the whole quote.

in fact, peel had been a big fan of emmo's previous band &, like many people at the time, was disappointed with the portentous, pompous, pretentious new direction that emerson's new band was dragged in, chiefly by greg lake.

one senses (upon close study of the elp repertoire) that emerson was struggling to come to terms with his own ambitions as performer on the one hand & composer on the other, while lake was more than happy to have a "serious" vehicle for the post-crimson adolescent sci-fi-philosophy nonsense that he didn't even write himself anyway.

(yes, pete sinfield, I mean you.)

they were a technically-accomplished trio, but quite lacking in any creative sense-of-purpose or direction, & they managed to alienate many peers in the business with their in-jokes & technical excesses.

& thus peel described ELP as "a waste of /talent/ & electricity".

emerson remains a great entertainer, though.


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