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RE: Argh, now I have an edp problem

I forgot to mention, also when I press the Insert button when it is set to 
half speed/full speed the whole unit locks up and nothing more can be done 
exept power off. ???? this is confusing and weird and im running out of 
and options before i begin my gig season HELP!!!


>Ok guys I know this is getting to be like  a repetitive strain injury but 
>need a bit of help
>I have been using my EDP as normal not excessivly and not in storage for 
>long time,
>i turned it on a couple of days ago and all of a sudden there is a 
>crackling noise on any sound that is recorded. the dry signal is clean 
>if i record silence that does not break the limiter threshold the sound 
>pretty clean (still a little louder thn I remeber) but as soon as I play 
>note or whatever there is a crackle introduced to the recording, this 
>more prominant with each repeat.
>I have opened the unit and removed the loop 4 chips odd and even  and the 
>boards of ram that my edp has.
>alas to no avail, im thinking it must be the anologue to digtal 
>i dont know what to do next, ive got shows coming up so there is a 
>timeframe in which i would like to get stuff up and running again
>PLEASE PLEASE HELP, I need you guys.
>hope you can shed some light.
>Phill Wilson

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