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RE: Repeater misteries

Hey  Luis, did you get this reply? for some reason LD is rejecting my

1.the pitch problem may be because in factory default setting the 
pedals are set to midi CC#7 (not recognized by the RPTR) and #14 which on
the repeater is set for both tempo and pitch shift. my guess is you have'nt
thoroughly programmed the CC  expression pedals for each preset as those
functions are not global for each bank but specific to each preset.

2. I've also had that issue most notable when switching between banks, but
the work around is to set a preset for "stop", only, which would be PC #22
or CC# 87.

3. Ah yes, I've had this problem as well, as of yet I have'nt sussed it out

4. I've noticed that there is a bit more latency because of the midi pedal,
try using the fs300 switch if you can't learn to live with it as it seems a
bit faster, Are you experiencing these issue when clocking with another 
source or by itself?

5. I don't use track mute via midi any more as there is no way to tell when
it is off or on via the front panel of the RPTR, I use the expression 
to control different track volumes.

hope that helps


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Subject: Repeater misteries

Hi Bill,
I am having some issues with my P4ter and i want to
make sure what it is thats why i wnat to compare it
with you since i undersatand you also control it with
your FCB1010.
1.when i turn on the unit,sometimes the pich is crazy
2.when i trigger play stop for the first time it does
a retriggering and the second time it seems to do what
its supposed to do.
3.sometimes the stereo tracks get activated when
trying to choose one track.
4.even with the unmuted signal there is a slight
latency and not so accurate like the EDP.
when doing track mute how do you know which track is
muted? have you found a way?
thanx buddy!


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