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Re: OT*2 sustainer problem breadwinner

Thatıs funny, when I saw the Ygdrasil (looks like a dream, 
it struck me to have a very Breadwinnerish shape. I have a Breadwinner that
I plan to install a sustainer unit into, I have a Limited as well : ) Very
playable and underrated instruments.
Do you have the original mics and the preamp installed on the Breadwinner?
I want to combine the original electronics with a Sustaniac or Sustainer if
thatıs doable, have some other mods inmind as well : ) Would not mind 
a picture of you Breadwinner, if possible.


On 03-02-05 01:18, "Gunnar Backman" <brakophonic@telia.com> wrote:

> Hi
> I have the sustainer and the Gk installed in 2 different guitars one
> doubleneck
> http://www.nevbornguitars.com/
> with 2 GK and 2 Sustainer Mics but only one circuit of each.
> the other an old Ovation Breadwinner
> They are installed in the same cavity. works fine no problems .
> Gunnar Backman

> Brak(E)man Prod/Brakophonics
> E-mail  brakophonic@telia.com
> http://www.brakophonic.com
>> Hi Simeon,
>> i hope we are both talking about the sustainer and not
>> the sustaniac, if we are can you send me the link you
>> are talking about? i havent found any information on
>> installing sustainers on a gk ready guitar.
>> thanx
>> luis
>> --- simeon harris <simeonharris@hotmail.com> wrote:
>>>> I recently had one installed on a Fender roland
>>> ready
>>>> strat in san Diego,the sustainer seems to work fine
>>>> but the roland midi pickup isnt working properly
>>> now,
>>>> so the guitar tech is sending it to Roland because
>>> he
>>>> couldnt find out what went wrong...
>>>> Luis
>>> if they're next to each other in the control cavity,
>>> then they will
>>> interfere with each other.
>>> i had an internal GK and a sustainiac fitted on one
>>> of my custom guitars and
>>> they had to be installed in separate cavities in the
>>> guitar to keep them
>>> apart. i think there's something on the sustainiac
>>> website about it. i doubt
>>> there's a problem with the GK pickup
>>> sim
>>> www.simeonharris.co.uk
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