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Re: Keith Emerson made keys cool Re: Making Keyboards Look Cool

Keith is the man. When I saw ELP in '77 they were having some technical
problem with his kybd rig, while the tech was working on it Keith walks 
up to the mic and says, "having a little organ trouble...bet you can all 
get into that."

Rick Wakeman always had the detached 'kybd wizard' demeanor, but Keith 
was the knife wielding, organ wrestling madman who could play Bach on 
his back while pinned under a Hammond from the wrong side of the kybd.  
And remember, this was years before the scene in Amadeus showing Mozart 
doing a similar thing.


mungenast@earthlink.net wrote:

>I beg to differ... Keith Emerson made them cool, IMHO. I saw him twice 
>back in the day, and saw some badass footage of his pre-ELP band The 
>Nice, totally manhandling his sawed-down B3, swinging the poor keyboard 
>to and fro, back and forth so that the tone-wheel pickups started to feed 
>back against his amps, stabbing keys with knives so as to hold down 
>chords, just absolutely badass. AND he was a master musician with 
>stupendous technique, so it wasn't all smoke and mirrors.
>In my book, this was cool. 
>Hendrix, shortly before his death, had expressed interest in joining, and 
>what higher badge of approval is there?
>~Tim Mungenast
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>Unless you are Nicks Rhodes, keyboards can never look cool.