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RE: EH 16-sec reissue - worth getting...?

Title: RE: EH 16-sec reissue - worth getting...?

>>you are a slave to the pedal in timing. The pedal requires you to set a specific length and then play the
loop starting and stopping accorind to the setting. [snip] I do enjoying having it run amok as a delay and creating freaknoise but there are cheaper delays that are much more friendly.<<

in other words, your mileage may vary.

it is a little expensive for what it does /but then/ it has got "EH" on it.

it doesn't slave to any other clock /but then/ neither did anything else before midi came along. (unless you count the trigger input on the fabulous bel bd80)

it doesn't have tap-tempo /but then/ neither did anything else until quite recently.

it has a daft amount of permanent storage & no way of subdividing this so that you can save loops & dredge them up again later..... /but then/ at least it saves the last thing you did.

it goes forwards & backwards & you can vary the pitch & tempo independently or together.

there is definitely a gonzo element to this box which the dl4 never quite had, for me, excellent though it is.

slightly OT- I took mine apart with a view to dropping an extra switch into the case- can't remember what I was trying to do right now, but I know it was a good idea at the time..... but anyway, I noticed that the main board has space for a "midi-in" socket, clearly marked, next to the out that's already there. what where they thinking?



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