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Re: how to make keyboards look more cool

Sounds like Julian Cope who once had his Mellotron tolexed in day-glo 

not to mention the Farfisa Compact Duo in leopard skin fake fur I´ve seen



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> Monica wrote:
> > On a related note, I have an old Farfisa professional keyboard - 2
tiered -
> > that I got very old and used and which looked very bad but played great
> > and also came
> > with its own soundbox the owner had made. I solved its aesthetic
> > problems by covering
> > the entire exterior with purple da-glo fake fur.
> > Monica
> >
> Reminds me of a guitarist friend of mine who wired the delay time knob
> of his Boss DD-3 delay pedal to an old Dunlop Crybaby Wah pedal then
> mounted the Crybaby on a classical guitarist's footstool so it stands
> above his pedal board and covered the whole affair in fluffy white fake
> fur.  You know something crazy's about to happen when he steps on that
> monster. Then the sonic mayhem happens.  It's great. :)
> Todd