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OT Sustainer problem FIXED!!!!

For all of you that helped me off list to try out a few things to get my Fernandes Sustainer to work Thanks.. It does!!!
Thought I would post the solution here so it is in the archives, and cos its so f***ing simple!! Well sort of.. I just had to remove the neck pickup that was adjacent to it.. apparently it was generating interferance... luckily the sustiner driver appears to be an OK pickup, so I can still use (my favorite) pickup position... I just removed all the magnets and metal from that pickup and now its just an empty plastic box. I tried a few things before going to such drastic measure, like turning it round, and turning the bridge pickup.. but it was best if I just got rid of the barstard!
.. but I have one more question...
I also have a GK midi pickup installed.. AND.... I was wondering if the power that comes up the synth cable could be used to drive the sustainer.. I gather that the batteries dont last that long, and when I measured the voltages that come up the cable, there was one pin, presumably power for the synth curcuitry, that was about 7.5 volts. Now im not sure if that would be enough to power the sustainer, or if it would have some other adverse effects...  I have had terrible experience with active pickups having their battery run out just before a gig, so am keen to eliminate this, especially as I have to unscrew the back plate to change the batt...? Any ideas/opinions??
BTW, the sustainers GREAT.. too smooth for me, but then I guess I have to track down one of these Bitrman things everyone is talking about!!! ..and the girlfriend wants a new fridge...  ha ha ha... I keep telling her its all about priorities!!
ps. now I have a gap where the old pickup used to be.. anyone know of any other fun stuff I could squeeze in there?? heh heh!