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Re: EDP next loop question

Hi Mark,
Yes,ive tried this but one of the problems i have by
hitting record is not getting the timing exactly while
jamming.I basically want to start soloing right away
after ive layed down a b part and thats the nice thing
about the round mode when i do a second press of "next
loop" before closing it, which allows me to relax and
give me a bit of time to think about the solo.It would
be nice if i could stay in the second loop though!

--- mwsmart@insightbb.com wrote:

> > Loopers,
> > In recordig 2 loops i want to remain in loop 2
> when i
> > press next loop, but it inmediately jumps back to
> loop
> > 1.It does it when i end recording with overdub but
> is
> > there another alternative to this? i also want to
> keep
> > the same loops lenght.
> > thanx
> > Luis 
> > 
> > =====
> > www.luis-angulo.com
> End loop 2 by hitting "Record".
> Mark Smart
> www.marksmart.net


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