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Re: AW: how to make keyboards look more cool

I have an idea for you,
  4 years I bought a Roland digital harpsichord  
As you can see it's got black keys that are very cool and what appears 
to be white "accidentals".  When I picked it up I discovered the white 
keys were actually a horribly uncool light grey.  So, I went to the 
hardware store and bought some white vinyl adhesive tape.  I very 
carefully stretched the vinyl tape over the top surface of each ugly 
grey key and trimmed any excess off the sides with an Xacto knife.  They 
still look great, haven't slipped, and since the tape is vinyl are easy 
to clean.  Maybe you can get some black vinyl tape and cover the surface 
of the white keys so every key is...none more black...voila, death metal 


Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill wrote:

>You're the king of coolness, alas I fear not with a death metal crowd...
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>Von: mark sottilaro [mailto:marksottilaro@sbcglobal.net] 
>Gesendet: Dienstag, 1. Februar 2005 23:30
>An: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Betreff: Re: how to make keyboards look more cool
>When I was teaching myself keyboard I took a shortcut
>and put little sparkley Japenese cartoon stickers on
>each key to let me know which keys belong to what
>scales.  Worked like a charm and was a hit with the
>kids.  I can pretty much play without them now, but
>they're still there.
>Am I cool?
>--- Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill
><rs@moinlabs.de> wrote:
>>Dear Keyboard players,
>>it is a well known fact that keyboards are the most
>>uncool looking
>>instruments out there on the typical rock stage.
>>I've come to the
>>conclusion that, apart from specific less than
>>perfect design concepts
>>of some manufacturers, one of the main reasons is
>>the actual keyboard
>>itself, i.e. the big white surface.
>>I'm thinking about a proper redesign for a project
>>of mine (combining
>>death metal and jungle/dnb influences). I do not
>>want to paint my
>>keyboard, so the question is:
>>Has anybody experience with a redesign of the
>>keyboard, e.g. by putting
>>some kind of coloured (black, dark grey) material on
>>top, which can be
>>put in place and removed quickly, and which will not adversely affect
>>the playing itself?
>>        Rainer