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Re: OT sustainer problem

I recently had one installed on a Fender roland ready
strat in san Diego,the sustainer seems to work fine
but the roland midi pickup isnt working properly now,
so the guitar tech is sending it to Roland because he
couldnt find out what went wrong...

--- mark francombe <mark@mark-red.com> wrote:

> I know some of you have Fernandes sustainers fitted
> to your guitars, so was wondering if you could help
> me out , off list if ness.
> I recently bought a fernandes sustainer kit to
> install it on my baritone guitar.
> I had it installed by a guitar technician here, but
> im sure something is wrong. It squeals the whole
> time, even though i have adjusted the trimpots as
> directed (and tried extreme settings on these to TRY
> to eliminate the sound).
> I realise that having it on a baritone is somewhat
> different to normal, and that this may affect its
> operation, but as the high strings on a baritone are
> roughly equivlent to the middle strings on a regular
> guitar i thought at least THEY would work. Indeed I
> CAN get some operation on the high strings, but only
> by using lots of distortion, and THEN i am getting
> an effect like the "harmonic" setting sould be. 
> When I try the "harmonic " setting I get just
> intense high pitched squealing, not exactly feedback
> but more like a radio tuning in... this sound is
> continuous and cannot be eliminated by using the
> strength control OR the trimpots.
> I do know what it SHOULD be like, as I have tried a
> fernandes guitar in the past, then it was more of
> the "ebow sound" this is ONLY uncontrolled piercing
> NOISE!!! (the merzbow side of me LIKES it, but the
> fripp side of me doesnt!!!)
> I have searched on the web for people with similar
> problems, but can only find glowing reviews, so im
> sure something is up!!
> Is it simply wired incorrectly (in which case I will
> return it to the technician to fix) , or something
> else.. can you give me something to try??? HELP!!!!
> mark francombe
> www.markfrancombe.com
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