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plastic chorus pedal = gold Re: Sonic Alienator - bit reduction /decimation pedal

Once the Nashville cats discovered the first-gen Arion plastic chorus box, 
and once word got out that those heavy studio types were using it, prices 
took off. 

It makes sense, in a way: if someone is regualrly paid a bazillion dollars 
an hour to play, and he keeps getting called back into the studio and has 
been on a zillion records, it makes sense to at least check out what gear 
he/she is using, because any bit of gear they're using HAS to have 
something going for it...these studio people are extremely busy and don't 
have time to mess around with junk! If Joe/Jane studio cat is using the 
XYZ pedal, go test drive one, because you KNOW it can't be a *complete* 
piece of crap, right?

 I snoozed and lost, but hey, I won't cry over spilt milk, because I 
haven't got the right to: I got my Bitrman in time (LOL), plus, GET THIS, 
someone GAVE me a Fuzz Face back in 1983, back when they were considered 
worthless... that unit is on half of everything I ever recorded.

(Arion's still-super-cheap analog delay is wonderful, BTW, but I already 
have a plastic MXR Time Delay that is my personal path to g*d.) 

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i thought i should mention that this actually isn't a pedal - there's no 
to bypass it, so you'd have to use it with a mixer or a switchblade etc....

>It's funny you mention the Arion phaser.....(Early versions of
>their plastic chorus are going for about $150 now.)

arion chorus pedals go for $150???

i sold an arion chorus and an ibanez ts-9 that i bought in the 1980's for 
few quid to a mate of mine when i "went rack" in 1990....i wonder if he'll 
sell them back to me for what he paid for them...? :O)