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Re: FCB expression pedal to edp problem

Cheers for the support I have been at this for 4 hours! and am losing 
patience now.
Do you know if i have to recalibrate the behringer I remember seeing 
something along those lines in previous post, or is this the edp that 
won't recognise full value or something else?
I will get this to work!
more beer to maintain calm!

On 31 Jan 2005, at 00:07, Per Boysen wrote:

> On Jan 31, 2005, at 0:43, geoff smith wrote:
>> 8< 8< 8< 8<.... nightmare!
>> I must have missed something.... but what!
>> geoff
> Just some FCB pedal hints (please excuse me if you already know about 
> this):
> The pedal ships with every button set up to send a bunch of different 
> midi commands, designed to  change preset patches on some guitar amp 
> from Behringer. For every button on the FCB you have to make sure that 
> this switch is only sending out the midi message you need.
> On my FCB I found out that it did send out a midi cc of another switch 
> that I had turned off in the bank program menu!!! This created a lot 
> of problems until I changed all my midi gear so nothing was listening 
> to the midi channel assigned (in FCB global setup) to that switch.
> Some more thoughts:
> Keep the EDP settings of midi ch 6, cc 1. Connect the midi out of a 
> synth. Set the synth to channel 6 and move the modulation wheel (= 
> midi cc 1). See if the EDP reacts with scrolling the different 
> feedback values in the LCD. Also double check the synth in Logic's 
> monitor to be sure that it really is sending cc 1 on channel 6. If 
> this is working fine it means the problem is with the FCB.
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
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