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Re: FCB expression pedal to edp problem

On Jan 30, 2005, at 23:41, geoff smith wrote:

> I have been putting off learning this for a while, as i new it would 
> be a strain!
> I have searched the achives and can't find the answer in there having 
> tried' fcb1010' 'fcb expression' etc.
> the problem I am having is getting the expression pedal of the fcb to 
> control the feedback of the edp.
> I have checked with my computer that the fcb is sending controller 1 
> value range 0-127 on channel 6 (using a max midi monitor)
> My edp is set to receive on midi channel 6 the feedbkcontrol is set to 
> a value of one, I have checked that when I plug the echoplex into 
> computer moving the feedback knob send a  controller 1 value range 
> 0-127 on channel 6
> So they are the same so why then when I move the expression pedal on 
> the fcb it sets the feedback on the edp to 0 no matter where I move 
> it.
> I programmed the the fcb by pressing button one so it lights up, 
> holding down 'down' for 2.5 secs, pressing up to avoid switches, 
> lighting switch 8 for expression pedal A so it flashes, pressing 
> enter, setting a value of 1 (as for feedback) pressing enter, setting 
> low range to 0 press enter, and high range to 127 press enter and then 
> leaving.
> So what have I done wrong as if I plug fcb into computer its sending 
> 0-126 on cc 1 midi channel 6.
> Please help as i am totally confused
> geoff
> p.s. I have programmed all the footswitches to control edp parameters 
> with no problems.

Very, very, very strange! You've done it right after the book and even 
double checked everything. The only plausible explanation seems to be 
that the EDP feedback midi control for some reason does not work with 
midi cc 1 ("modulation wheel").

Since you have now developed a talent in programming both the EDP and 
the FCB you may try to use another midi cc to see if it's working? Over 
here I have been using midi cc 30 on midi channel 1 and it has never 
let me down.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
http://www.looproom.com (international)
http://www.boysen.se (Swedish site)