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The only thing that bugs me about my VF-1 is that it doesn't have a MIDI
THRU, just OUT. I had to buy a MIDI splitter to make my MIDI chain work,
and I couldn't put the VF-1 at the end for reasons I won't go into.
Other than this, it is a powerful little box.  I just got another Boss
EV-5 in the mail yesterday to control it....loads of fun ahead of me! 


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Coincidentally enough, I just bought a factory resealed VF-1 from
ZZounds a week ago (They are gone now) and love it.  Haven't had enough
time to really check it out yet but I love the lofi settings.

Has anyone noticed that samedaymusic.com and zzounds.com are nearly
identical?  The Boss was listed at Same Day Music as a B-stock and
factory resealed units.  They were out of stock but expected them in
early January.  When I was looking at Zzounds I found the same listing
for the VF-1 (b-stock and factory resealed with the same expected
delivery daye (and the same price).  After a little more hunting around
I also found several products that shared the exact same user comments
and ratings on both sites (you know, Read the Reviews, 364 people say:
8.6 out of 10).  And the day after I ordered my VF-1 they were listed as
discontinued on both sites.  Odd.

But the VF-1 is a great little box to be sure.


> Great units the VF-1 for some reason Boss had problems getting it to 
> be a seller maybe the half rack factor was an issue (easier if it had 
> been full
> rack) or that people didn't understand what it was or how it fit into
> lineup. I looked at one in Sam Ash and the people there didn't know
> about it and didn't want to set it up so, I could try it (maybe didn't
> how?) as it was already in demo rack? I bought one much later on
second hand
> now they are now out of production? Talk about bad marketing for a 
> great unit?

How amazing, how amazing!
Hard to comprehend that
Nonsentient beings expound Dharma.
It simply cannot be heard with the ear,
But when sound is heard with the eye,
Then it is understood.
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