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Re: Re: EchoplexDP Plus: "tick-tick-tick" noise problem

ak butler said:"because it's recorded in the loop?"

Yes, it is. The noise always appear after a recording or overdubbing. I
record, press record (or overdub or multiply) again to launch the loop, and
sometimes the noise is played too. But if it does not appear immediately
after the recording, it will not appear later during play back...

I've recorded the noise. I recorded silence, with the input knob at its
minimum. My loop lasted 29seconds, ans this noise appeared at around the 
second.  It was just as you can hear it: four serials of four ticks in a
row, and then nothing untill the end of the loop...
It's here :

Thanks again to everyone who is trying to help ;-)


> At 15:22 26/01/05, you wrote:
> >     When I use the half speed function, it affects the noise: it is
> >half-speed as well.
> because it's recorded in the loop?
> what happens if the noise appears while you're in halfspeed?
> >     I changed the power cable, and tried to plug nothing to the EDP: so
> >looped silence; but the noise still appears in this case.
> >     I must specify that if the noise seems to appear in a random way,
> >it's here it's recorded in the loop: it comes back regularly within the
> >loop.
> >
> >I guess no outside factor causes this problem, right?
> >Is it serious, doctor?
> Could be the memory playing up,
> try MoreLoops=16 and see if the problem only occurs on some loops.
> if so, then it's the memory at fault.
> Could still be external though, you won't totally rule that out by just
> changing rooms.
> (could be a mains spike caused by heating, or your neighbours' overused
> washing machine).
> andy butler