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Re: EchoplexDP Plus: "tick-tick-tick" noise problem


A couple of things to try. This sounds like it might be digital noise 
something other than the EDP, so to prove that it is or is not, answer
the following questions:

        1) Is it independent of where you plug it in? By this I mean, can 
             take it (Just the EDP and amp) into the bathroom, plug it in 
            still detect the noise?

        2) Is there anything you can do that will make the noise get faster
               or slower? Can you change the settings on the EDP and 
            the noise in some way (speed up, slow down, make random)?

In this way you can convince yourself (and us) that it is definitely a 
function of the EDP
alone or is caused by an outside factor.

Make sure you check all the cabling, the power connections, and the 
(the order and distances from the other devices that it interacts with).

On Jan 25, 2005, at 12:28 PM, Cox wrote:

> lol
> I already tried... But my watch is a digital one! lol
> Any other idea?
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> Subject: Re: EchoplexDP Plus: "tick-tick-tick" noise problem
>> take your wrist watch off the electric guitar mike
>> Claude
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>> Subject: Re: EchoplexDP Plus: "tick-tick-tick" noise problem
>> Nobody knows? Please, help me...
>> I have tried to put off and back tle memory simms (saw that in the
> archives)
>> without any result.
>> Thanks for helping me...
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>> From: Cox
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>> Sent: Monday, January 24, 2005 4:10 PM
>> Subject: EchoplexDP Plus: "tick-tick-tick" noise problem
>> Hello!
>> I juste bought an EDP plus . It is a used unit, but almost new. It 
>> seems
> in
>> perfect working order, except one little noise that sometimes appears 
>> over
>> my loops; it sounds like "tick-tick-tick-tick"; it does not always 
>> appear,
>> I've found no "logic" in the way or frequency this noise appears.
>> Has anyone had this kind of problem yet? Do you know where it could 
>> come
>> from?
>> Thanks for your help!
>> PS: I'm french, sorry about my english ;-)
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