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New Looper: Loopy Llama

I have developed a VST software looper, the Loopy Llama, that emulates
many of the best features of the Lexicon Jam Man, Frippertronics, and the
Line6 DL-4.  I am curious about the opinions of the looping community
towards a looping plugin, and I am distributing it free right now.  Please
see http://www.rekliner.com/?PageID=14 for details on the looper.

Do not discount this just because it requires a computer, it is designed
for REAL-TIME use with a foot controller.  The act of using a computer
live is still in its infancy but it IS starting to happen for the less
nerdy types. A reasonably priced laptop and pro audio interface can now
compete with the latency of a dsp foot pedal (yes, they do have latency).
I have the technical info to back that up at
http://www.rekliner.com/?PageID=19.  I hope this is the start of a new
outlet for live looping,  Line6 seems to think it's "no longer marketable"
and sadly discontinued the DL-4.

Let me know your thoughts,


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