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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V05 #39

Hi Andy,
This is the way i have my spagetti hooked up:

Guitar out-Roland Synth
Roland synth guitar out-roland preamp input-stereo
outs-mackie input 1/2
Roland synth stereo outs-mackie inputs 3/4
aux 1 send-Rpter-outs-mackie input 5/6
aux 2 send- EDP-out- mackie  input 7
Akai sampler- mackie 9/10
mackie alt 3/4-Electrix Mofx-filter queen-Eq
killer-mackie 11/12

So as you see i have no channels left on my 1202, this
is why i was thinking additionally routing up somehow
the Electrix pro Mods through the repeaters inserts
and returns.Now, the Electrix  pro EQ killer has 2
sets of inputs and outputs so i suppose i could send
that one to the repeaters insets and returns.Then
maybe the Eq killers outputs to the filter queen ins
and outs,now i have to get some cables to try this
does it make sense?

--- a k butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:

> At 15:04 24/01/05, you wrote:
> >Hi Andy,
> >good tips, maybe you can guide me as well.
> >I have an EDP in Aux1 and repeater in aux2,and the
> alt
> >3/4 outs are also being used with a MO-FX, EQ
> killer
> >and filter queen to process the loops.What i
> basically
> >want now is to send this effects also to the
> >individual tracks of the repeater,which has EFX
> >inserts and returns.
> Take the individual track outs of the repeater to
> different mixer input 
> channels,
> using stereo inputs as mono if necessary,
> then you can send them where you want.
> >The other thing is adding a bit of
> >reverb after the loopers to have it sound more
> natural
> >like you say.but ive run out of aux!would this be
> >possible? is too bad the mo-fx doesnt have reverb!
> how about putting the reverb after the mixer
> altogether.
> You'd want a reverb with a volume out control and a
> good quality on the dry 
> signal.
> andy
> >cheers
> >Luis


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