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Re:Interactive-Graphical Tour of a Guitar System

At 04:38 24/01/05, you wrote:
I'm also open to any suggestions for improvement too…

hi Krispen,
It seems your signal passes through an awful lot of devices.
Might be worth checking the quality of the bypass on those units.

...and as you've got a mixer in your setup, no need to stick to an 'all in series' configuration.

For instance, you could run the EDPs on the Alt3-4 outputs of your 1202 mixer, and bring them
back on a stereo channel.
The EDP mix controls are then both put to max and forgotten. 
...and it's then dead easy to run a mic into the EDPs if that becomes necessary.

Also it's worthwhile putting a reverb on an aux send, one advantage being that reverb
will sound more natural after the EDPs. ( because of loop boundaries, and reverse).

Or put a chain of FX on each aux send, bringing them back on a stereo channel.

I really liked the sound demos you did,
great stuff.

andy butler