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RE: Multi track editing question and cool software solutions

Title: RE: Multi track editing question and cool software solutions


Yes, I think one of the larger DAW programs would be more robust in handling a rewire slave, but I’ve used cubase SX before, and it really is quite a monster of a program.  I found it overwhelming and uninspiring to an extent.  At my home studio, I want simplicity and gratification, and Cubase made me feel like an newbie engineer with way too much to learn.


That’s why I initially switched to Ableton, and haven’t looked back since.  But now I’m just unhappy with the non ASIO performance of Wavelab, and I can’t get both programs to use ASIO.  I like Audition from the demo, for sure…It’s just with it’s multitracking ability (non warping), I was really attracted to having Audition and Ableton be running in synch.  Seemed like an ideal combination for me of simplicity, wave editing, and looping/warping capabilities.


Perhaps Adobe will be somewhat helpful with the carrot that I ‘might’ buy their program.  God knows they won’t help you once you do unless you shell out more cash for tech support.


Thanks for your input.






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>>Does anybody use a standalone recording app that hosts Ableton successfully as a slave?<<

is cubase an option? my g/f was, until recently, using cubase vst & ableton linked with rewire on her g4 powerbook.... I used cubase to record some drumloops (out of a crappy old casio keyboard), edited them in cubase's own edit window then saved them so that they could be looped in ableton.

of course, this was on a mac.....



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