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EMUSIC Monthly Top 20 Report for December, 2004


WDIY 88.1 FM "EMUSIC" Top 20 for December, 2004.
Shows #402 to #406; 2-December-2004 to 30-December-2004
Reported in non-ranked, alphanumeric order.
Compiled by Bill Fox

Al Gromer Khan and Emin Corrado - Tantra Electronica - New Earth
Brannan Lane - Piano Dreams and Nightscapes - Ambient Circle Music
David Parsons - Vajra - Groove
Detlef Keller - The Story of the Clouds - Audio Works
Detlef Keller - Ways To the Rainbow - Manikin
Erik Norlander - Seas of Orion - Quantum
Erik Seifert - Thrust Avis - Spheric
Fanger and Schonwalder - Analog Overdose; The Ricochet Dream Edition - 
Ricochet Dream
Jeffrey Koepper - Etherea - Air Space
Klaus Schulze - Ballet 1 - Rainhorse/Manikin
Klaus Schulze - Ballet 2 - Rainhorse/Manikin
Klaus Schulze - Ballet 3 - Rainhorse/Manikin
Klaus Schulze - Ballet 4 - Rainhorse/Manikin
Klaus Schulze vs. Solar Moon - Docking - Rainhorse/Manikin
Lustmord - Heresy - Soleilmoon
Magic Sound Fabric - Freedom Star - Spiralight
Marhus Reuter and Ian Boddy - Pure - DiN
Remy - Different Shades of Dust - AKH
Steve Roach - Places Beyond - Lost Pieces 4 - Timeroom Editions
Various Artists - Liquid Sound Volume 1 - Liquid Sound Music

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