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gtr multi-fx w/ delay (alt. looping. tools: digitech rp-7 & ibanez de7-i think)

thanks for informing about the vox tonelab se and that it has 8 sec of delay (w/ hold).
my main looping tools for the past yr has been my digitech rp100 (2 sec) that feeds in to my
dod d-12 (use for 6 sec samples to capture delay manipulations from rp100)
i just started experiementing w/ my digitech rp7 (sad, that i got this in july, and it just
sat, way too much gear), to use if for it's 3.5 sec of delay. i'm struggling w/ getting
the tube tones set up, but am enjoying them as of late over the digital amp models
i've been using for some time. the bad part is that since the rp7 is old and uses digitech's
old matrix of just buttons, it's impossilbe to manipulate the delay, but i've been enjoying
using the 3.5 sec to start, then save it to my 6 sec samples which i then play over etc.
and considering i paid 90$ for it, tube sound and 3.5 sec of delay, not bad...
my other new device i'm experimenting w/ is the ibanez de7 (or is it ed7), it's the budget ibanez delay pedal that has 2.6 sec of delay or echo. now it's not the uber looper of any type, since i counted the repeats not going beyond 10 or so, but it's great for the delay manipulations. again, not an uber looper, but a nice budget alternative, and i'm enjoying exploring the limitations that they offer.

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