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Re: monitoring in LIVE and keyboard macro stuff


Re: my old post about deleting clips in Live:  that was during my 
*first* attempt at integrating Live into my guitar rig, which I 
abandoned for a while, but am now doing again.  Back then I was using 
Live 3.x, but now am trying the 4.x demo.  I'm not very far in the 
experiment, and haven't started worrying about MIDI-controlled deletion 
of clips again.  I'm not sure if anything has changed, but back then I 
used Bome's MIDI translator to fire off macros that moved the cursor to 
the right slot (macros would always start by going to the "home" upper 
left corner position, and then moving to the right clip), and hit the 
delete key.  It was not very efficient, because each FCB pedal was 
dedicated to deleting a particular clip, as opposed to it being a more 
open, flexible approach.  So, in the end, I don't think it's a good way 
to go.  There are some posts in the Ableton forum about approaches to 
this - search there for "delete clip".  At least relative to the clip 
you are currently recording (or have JUST recorded), you can map a MIDI 
command to the ctl-X keystroke (undo), and kill that clip.  Older clips 
are the challenge.

I'd love to correspond with you while we're both trying out Live as a 
live looping tool.  I'm not sure if ongoing troubleshooting 
conversations would be viewed as appropriate here, but I'm open to 
talking off-list. 

I've got some ideas re: the routing challenges that you posted.  This is 
where I'm focusing right now, and while I'm sure our specific setups are 
different, we might be able to help each other out.  Short on time 
tonight, but can post more this weekend. 


Tim Clulow wrote:

> Hey there,
> I've been looking through the looping list archive today trying to 
> figure out the best way to set up my fcb1010. I read a couple of posts 
> about configuring the fcb footboard to send multiple messages at once 
> - which I've tried and it works but not in quite the way it should.
> Here are the 2 ways I'm trying to tackle my monitoring/clip recording 
> problems:
> 1.
> - Set all the monitoring of tracks to be off except for one which is 
> always on and designated only for monitoring
>  - record enable every track except my monitoring track.
> this works fine but it would be nice to monitor directly from the 
> track im about to record on if I have different VST/effects set up on 
> each channel, plus if this was the case the audience would hear the 
> clean sound while I'm recording then the effected sound once the loop 
> starts. I know I could duplicate the effects on the channel I'm 
> monitoring but it slams the cpu a bit, if I need a seperate monitoring 
> track for each track I'm going to record on.
> 2.
> - set all tracks to auto monitor
> - Use multiple midi commands from the fcb1010 to record enable and 
> then launch clip record.
> I've set switch 1 on my fcb1010 to send a midi note to launch the clip 
> in track 1 scene 1 and also it sends a midi controller message at the 
> same time with a value over 64 (which is on according to the ableton 
> manual) I did this reading through a post from Per Boysen about 
> putting the fcb1010 into preset program mode so that you can send the 
> note message and the controller message seperately in order for live 
> to learn each message. All seems good in theory but when i hit my 
> switch on the fcb1010 it seems like the messages come too quickly for 
> live to recognise them both - my record enable gets switched on and 
> the track 1 slot tries to record but it hasn't recognised yet that the 
> record enable is on so it doesn't record, similarly once the track is 
> record enabled pressing my footswitch again disables the record enable 
> and sometimes records a very small amount of audio while the record 
> was still on. I'm pretty sure the controller message comes first, then 
> the midi note, a! nd have tried it both ways but still can't figure 
> out what I'm doing wrong.
> another option is to assign keyboard keys to the record enable and 
> fire clip slot buttons and then use the utility 
> http://www.bome.com/midi/translator/ to type those keys for me once I 
> hit the appropriate midi message on the foot controller. and that 
> works ok, but I feel that I might run out of keys quickly.
> I also read a post by Doug Cox about deleting clips with macros, could 
> you explain this a bit further? my clips only seem to be selected when 
> I click them with the mouse - how do you select/highlight a clip from 
> the keyboard?  my select clip on launch preference is on but when I 
> launch a clip from midi it doesn't seem to take the focus, so I cant 
> delete it with my midi->key macro.
> this utitlty seems to have it covered which I thought you guys might 
> be interested in - but it's only for macOSX which unfortunately 
> doesn't help me.
> http://osxaudio.com/index.php?story=846
> From reading this list I'm coming to understand that looping without 
> any pre recorded material is the holy grail of looping, which is 
> cool... but it's damn hard to use live effectively with quantisation 
> set to none and it's hard to record your first loop to a click when 
> you only have a indigo stereo output (I guess I could monitor through 
> the Left channel and output front of house through the right) any ideas?
> does the audience care so long as the music is original?
> thanks in advance for any help to my post
> - Tim
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