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RE: MIDI pedal board for Line6 Echo Pro

Sheesh...I just read this after my post about the record/overdub
function on the Echo Pro.  Are you saying that with your Midibuddy, your
'record/overdub' button acts just like the DL4?  Where it toggles back
and forth between record and overdub?  It doesn't do the
'Rec/Play/Stop/Play/Stop' function bullshit the Echo Pro manual talks

Please tell me more.  For example, if you say you aren't doing ANY
programming, what the heck is the Midibuddy sending?  If it's just
standard Program Changes, then that should be PC 05, correct?  But that
should be calling up a preset according to the manual, not controlling a
specific function of the looper.


>With the EchoPro, without having to do any
programming, all your looper features are lined up
right along the controller's bottom row on buttons 5
through 9.

5 - Record/Overdub
6 - Play/Stop
7 - Play Once
8 - Half Speed
9 - Reverse/esreveR

so it's basically a DL4 with an extra far-right
button, giving you separate control over reverse and
half speed. (Incidentally, the far right button on my
actual DL4 is dodgy; sometimes it doesn't do anything,
sometimes it engages the function but won't


--- Andy Bettis <andy@dance.demon.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Thanks to an early Santa and an obliging eBayer I
> now have a Line6 Echo 
> Pro to replace my stomp box DL4. As all of my
> looping is done live I 
> need a foot controller to replace the DL4 switches,
> four buttons with 
> programmable program change output. Ideally I'd like
> to have a small 
> unit, most of the MIDI controllers I've seen have
> eight or more buttons 
> and take up a lot of floor space. Can anyone
> recommend a small MIDI 
> foot controller?
> Ta.
> Rev. Andy

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