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Re: smooth volume pedal

Yeah, the Ernie Ball pedals are great. I have several
different kinds that are good for different situations.
Built like a tank! On my jazz looping setup I use a 6166:


I also have one of their Stereo 25K pedals that I use with
my Fender Stage 160 guitar amp. I put it in the effects loop
to function as a master volume.

One thing to keep in mind is that whether or not the volume
taper is smooth depends very much on the input impedance of
whatever the pedal's output goes to.  Like one time I tried
putting the 6166 in the effects loop of my amp, and that
didn't work because the input impedance of the effects
return is lower than what it's designed for. I got a very
sudden burst of volume at one end of the pedal's travel. But
the stereo 25K works great there. OTOH, the Stereo 25K
doesn't work well for putting between the guitar and the
amp's input.

One of the reasons I have the direct box on my looping
pedalboard after the volume pedal is so that there will
always be a smooth volume taper no matter what amp I plug
the setup into. The input impedance of the direct box is
always the same.

Ernie Ball has some "Jr" pedals now, smaller versions of the
same things. I haven't tried those yet, but they are
probably just as good.

Mark Smart
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> I can definitely recommend the Ernie Ball pedals. Sturdy,
smooth. All that.
> Andreas W.
> Ronan Chris Murphy wrote:
> > I checked the archive to see if this had been covered
but had no luck. I
> > am about to pick up a new analog volume pedal for a
guitar looping rig.
> > I am looking for any recommendations on fave pedals that
have a nice
> > range and feel for swells etc
> >
> > Ronan Chris Murphy
> > Veneto West
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> >