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Re: repeater digital output

I'm not sure, but I suspect that'd just be stereo
unless you used some sort of multichannel interface in
between the units.

I have a similar question, going in the opposite
direction. I'm considering adding a laptop to my
looping rig to replace (or more likely augment) a rack
of minidisc decks that I use to play back fragmentary
canned loops (programmed percussion, sound effects,
field recordings, etc.). The decks go to my mixer
where they each have a channel as if they were another
live instrument, and from there they're subject to
live real-time processing and looping via the board's
aux sends. (These loops aren't finished musical
statements in and of themselves, but are used as live
ingredients...) I don't currently own a laptop, so I'm
still in the exploratory stages, but what I'm thinking
would be useful would be some sort of multitrack
sequencer to play back these short, looped wav files,
with a breakout box that would allow me to send the
various tracks to different channels so that they
could be processed individually. I've done a little
experimenting with playback of acid files for this
purpose (from a desktop), but really need faders, as
my hands are usually occupied with instruments and I
don't care to do much mouse-clicking onstage.

Can anyone point me towards a good online resource for
this sort of info?


--- joao orecchia <joaolikesloops@hotmail.com> wrote:

> hi,
> i'm in the process of changing my set up and want to
> try running the
> individual tracks from the repeater into my computer
> for added sound
> manipulation. 
> i was wondering if i plug the digital out into the
> digital in on an external
> sound card if i can split the four tracks or do i
> just get stereo.
> any info would be much appreciated. thanks.
> joćo

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