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Re: EDP/G2 sync

Title: Re: EDP/G2 sync
... I've got a clocked system using one of those Korg Electribes to tap-in tempo and feed MIDI clock to everything. I need to get an additional merge box so prog changes and controller information from my MFC10 doesn't disrupt the clock -  can see tempo drop on the Repeater display when I'm pedal dancing.

I don't use the EDP for clock because:

- I often use very long loops, and then short ones, without editing 8th note value
- I'm stopping and starting the EDP all the time these days which might well disrupt clock.
- I want clock for other devices way before I want to get the Echoplexes going
- I'm sharing clock with my drummer

I've found it a good idea to save a pattern on the Korg that isn't triggering sounds, or at least very simple ones because if the Electribe has to generate complex stuff, the clock drifts)

If I want to take either EDP out of sync to clock I can hit "overdub" before I record and, hey, I'm in free mode. Well thought out software.

Best wishes


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From: "Steve Lawson" <steve@steve-lawson.co.uk>
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Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 17:59:11 +0100
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Subject: EDP/G2 sync
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Resent-Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 12:59:12 -0400

>>As the subject line reads, I am running guitar into the G2, then into the
>>EDP, with the clock out of the EDP driving the G2.  I want to
>>hear from some
>>folks who are doing this--looks like Bernhard is one, I believe
>>Steve Lawson
>>does this too

Sorry I've not been reading the list for a few weeks, so didn't get to this
sooner - anyway, I'm using two G2s now, but so far haven't sync'd them to
anything... I guess I could sync up my G2s, Kaoss Pad and EDPs, but it's a
scary thought... :o)