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Looping and Looping

This is mostly for the newbies.  I know when I started out, I didn't know
the difference.

I believe we're talking about two different kinds of looping, here, 
and looping a sample.

This is from Reason's Help:

"A sample, unlike the cycles of an oscillator for example, is a finite
quantity. There is a sample start and end. To get samples to play for as
long as you press down the keys on your keyboard, they need to be looped. 

For this to work properly, you have to first set up two loop points which
determine the part of the sample that will be looped."


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>    I'm really trying explore the history of looping ,not of 
> mellotrons,which I've explored in a previous existence.

Sooooooo, if you're exploring the history of apples, why talk so much about


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