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Mellotron -

    I already know how mellotrons work . I've opened one up.You can think 
it as a replay only sampler if you like,I wouldn;t argue,it's a reasonable 
functional description,but I'm trying to explore the history and 
of ideas and techniques ,your description doesn;t address the idea that 
Shaeffer,the originator of looping directly influenced the development of 
the mellotron. Also if you want to use strict definitions digital boxes 
don't have loops in them either,and so aren't loopers.
  I've had correspondance w/ someone who knows Terry Riley and asked 
him.Riley says he can't remember the name of the engineer,but that he was 
employed by RTF .This is significant ,as RTF employed  Pierre Shaefer when 
he did his looping experiments in the 40s. Alot of people assert that 
everyone who that got their hands on a tape machine in the early 60s 
it,but there is pretty clear evidence showing that a single person 
it ,and that further developments spread from the RadioTelevision France 
where he worked ,and had the first multitrack tape machines.


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