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EDP and Adrenalinn

Just reporting in--
Seems the AdrenaLinn will solve my ongoing loop percussion needs.  Just got
the original on eBay, and if 8th/beat is set high enough, the AdrenaLinn
starts when the loop is ended--of course, if you run the beat first, it
continues, but if the 8th is off, the tempo can be double (or half, etc.)
It has delay, but this one is short--just ordered the upgrade, it gives the
unit 2.8 secs of synched delay--almost a looper (no "freeze", but feedback
Amp models are good but very rock and roll--filters and mod effects are
great but that isn't what I needed--but I'll take 'em!
PS  Bill Walker, probably not what you need for portability to replace tube
amp--but check it out.