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Re: Space Station Re: the finite nature of things

Just wanted to add my $.02 (or $250-300 as the market seems to be :)) for
the Spacer Station. Last summer I picked one up for my Guitar/Not Guitar
all Guitar Synth shows for a local festival. 

IMO the pedal is built just fine. I haven't used it much but it traveled
well and worked flawlessly. I have had to tighten the screws on the rocker
pedal to make it a bit more usable but that's the only maintenence. 

I too would prefer if it ran off a battery but it doesn't so what can you
do. The wall wart isn't that big so it's pretty practical to use among
other pedals with a bit of planning. I used two volume pedals, the Space
station, and a SKB pedal bag full of stomp boxes all into a DL4 delay (for
looping) which ran on it's own wall wart. one good multi-outlet strip and
some layout work and I was fine and not tripping over wires. 

The Space Station has a few tricks but needs to be used sparingly IMO. The
strings settting is cool but not nearly as interesting as something like a
midi guitar triggering some analog pads or a Roland VG8 type thing. The
multitap arpeggiators or ring mods etc make good "werid noises" but as a
synth guitar player I have to say that gets old quick too if that's all
you're doing. So while it's got some great stuff in there it also run the
danger of being a Novelty" if you overdo it. Just IMO.

The best thing about the Space Station is that it's small and you *don't*
need a specific guitar or GKwhatever pickup system. Plug a hondo or $150
danelectro into the 1/4" and you're ready to rock (or Soar as the case may
be :)). There is NO tweaking on it whatsoever but at least you get the
exporessino pedal so you can do *some* sweeping, etc. With a bit of
practice and some basic composition skills anyone can make a good
"weird" guitar synth/noise type song and in my world that's a good thing

Is it worth current market value (Seems t be about $200-$300 depending on
who's selling)? I'd say given what guitar things go for, yes. Anyone
remember the Korg G5 bass synth unit? Those sold for $99 too at one point
on blow out. In this day an age of Boutique $300 fuzz boxes the Space
staion offers something unique and compact. You can get similar effects
with a trashy Zoom 505 if you just want weird pitch shifting, delays'
etc. but the Space station goes the extra mile and again , it's all-in-one
nature makes it a cool box for someone looking for a compact bit o'

I don't use mine much at all these days but I keep it in it's box ready
for action. Given what it does and what it's worth I'd say it's either a
vintage $$ sell piece or a keeper. 

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