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Re: SooperLooper

I am the author of SooperLooper.  I've recently reimplemented it to
run as a standalone JACK application with control via OSC, MIDI, 
and/or an optional GUI.  It was developed primarily under Linux but
has been recently tested to work on OSX.

Certain features are not yet fully implemented, but when they are I
intend to post an official release announcement.  For those of you who
use Linux, feel free to build the version available from the website
(sorry, no packages yet).  For OSX users, I suggest you wait a bit
until some installation issues are resolved (and a possible package is

I'm also considering providing a plugin version (multiple formats),
but am still unsure how to present some of the features within the
more limiting confines of plugin architectures.

Jesse Chappell

On Wed, 27 Oct 2004 07:13:53 +0100, jeremy <jeremy@masse.org.uk> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I've seen a project on Source Forge called "SooperLooper", home page
> http://essej.net/sooperlooper/
> It's come out of the Linux community but as it runs under JACK which has 
> been released for OSX there may be something coming out of this.
> Seems it's still in beta at the moment but perhaps some interest to 
> on the list.
> Best wishes
> Jeremy