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Re: Space Station

Hey that's interesting. It must be some sort of synchronicity.
I've been contributing to this thread and the following is true;
I'm in an ensemble called MEME, one of whose members is
a fellow named Grant Richter. Now Grant is a friend and the
person responsible for turning me on to the Space Station in
the first place. What's so strange about that? Well Grant is also
a member of F/i and was on the track that you mentioned!

On Oct 28, 2004, at 11:49 PM, Monica wrote:

Hey...I don't know anything about this particular technology but this is just
the strangest thing...I was out doing late night grocery shopping when I got
this extreme jones to hear this tune from 1999 called "Space Station"
by Milwaukee band F/1, on a composition called Turn Century Turn which
I had but lost somehow while moving. And it's just this weird thing like I MUST
hear that song! It's a really excellent American attempt at Krautrock and it grooves.
So I get home and log on to see if it's at Amazon and low and behold here's
the loopers all talking about "Space Station"! Not the very same, but still...               quite a freaky coincidence don't ya think?
Cosmic "Space Station" synchronicity!

Timothy Mungenast <mungenast@earthlink.net> wrote:
Can the Reverberator be hacked into a Space Station?

> [Original Message]
> From: Michael Firman
> To:
> Date: 10/28/2004 8:21:23 PM
> Subject: Re: Space Station Re: the finite nature of things
> I just cracked open my Modulator (XP200) and my Space Station (XP300)
> and the PCBs are identical. The Space Station has three DIP sockets
> populated
> with memory and the Modulator has only one (there are two additional
> caps
> on the Space Station associated with them memory/sockets). The EPROMS
> are 27C256's. I'm really tempted to hack the Modulator into a second
> Space
> Station.
> I love the Space Station. I pump a Rin Gong equipped with a contact mic
> through
> it before my EDP! s. Makes for wonderful sound textures and beds.
> BTW My Space Station has been flawless since it's purchase. The
> Modulator I got
> from a friend. It occasionally flakes out (usually by resetting or some
> such thing).
> Must be a flakey component.
> On Oct 28, 2004, at 6:27 PM, Tim Nelson wrote:
> >
> > --- Adrian Likins wrote:
> >
> >> Interesting. I was under the impression that the
> >> innards of the all the digitech
> >> xp-* series were the same with the exception of
> >> amount of memory and the firmware on
> >> the rom. It's possible to burn a rom of the space
> >> stations firmware and get it
> >> to work on some of the other models. Although it
> >> does require additional
> >> memory on some of the models.
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