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Re: Space Station

In a message dated 10/28/04 7:27:52 PM, psychle62@yahoo.com writes:

just wish the units were a little more customizable
(and less flimsy).

i never thought of the s.s. as being flimsy i just dislike 80% of the patches but the other 20% are a big part of my bag-o-tricks.....then the talk of  "
one of them even has three eproms(xp100,xp200 and xp300 ) eproms piggy backed and with a switch to select the chip enable for them,so i have three pedals in one".....neat! what a pedal that must be!.....is there a way to tighten up the foot pedal part, mine has no resitance, it just flops around, very hard to control.....michael