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Newbie Hello

Hi all.

My name's Andreas, and I'm new here :-)

A bit about myself and my band:
We produce electronica using a PC and a Mac running Ableton Live 4, 
various softsynths (mainly Absynth2 and Reaktor), the Elottronix XL s/w 
looper and the Ohmforce OhmBoys delay.

Hardware-wise we sequence using a v-drum electronic drum kit and a 
Doepfer Schaltwerk sequencer.
I use a Roland Space Echo Re-101 and a Korg Stage Echo on the inputs to 
Live4. Both delays have been "modified" in a very unscientific manner by 
me and my trusty screwdriver, to provide longer, dirtier delays. I 
usually use the delays to build up ambient tones, rather than regualar 
loops, as I'm sure a lot of you do too.

Although the entire relatively new band also has an "e-drummer", a 
guitarplayer and a singer, the "core" of the band is my mate and I with 
our computers. We mainly loop each others outputs, but also guitar, 
bass, vocals analog synths, and our various midi sources. Recordings are 
remote controlled by an fcb1010 floorboard.

Oh, and we're from Denmark, where are you from?  ;)

Anyway, I'm happy to be here. I have a lot of thoughts on live 
performance, and audio enslavement, hehe. Can't wait to start sharin'!