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2112 and the xp 300 s.s.

anyone have both and could they please tell us which space station sounds are in the 2112.....i recall the looper in the 2112, was it 10 sec. or 5 sec.?  i played this unit right when it came out, way before the mighty rang and when i hit the looper patch i almost passed out from joy, THIS IS EVERYTHING THAT I HAD EVER WANTED!.....i think the feedback was 100% i don't really recall and way back then i had no concept of feedback!.....so the looper patch made me forget all the other patches.....i don't remember what this unit cost but it was way more than i could afford.....i remember stupidly walking around the music store and telling people to come hear this looper patch.....they could care less! get away from us you goof!.....my how the times never change.....michael