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OT: Speakers for Home Rig


I wanted to solicit opinions about the above. I currently have two speaker 
environments with my home recording rig. I use a pair of Alesis powered 
monitors with my PC recording setup.

I also have a mixer/power amp/speaker configuration that I use for 
recording to a stand alone digital recorder. It did consist of a Behrenger 
mixer, an Alesis power amp and Electrovoice Sx80 speakers.

I run my guitar amps output into the mixer along with output from an 
Echoplex, drum machine and some other noisemaker stuff. I preferred 
the 'PA' approach with guitar because the PA-type speakers seem to be able 
to handle the volume well. 

I was about to purchase a new pair of speakers such as the Peavey PR 
Series PA speakers but was wondering if my assumptions about using PA type 
speakers are valid. Would a pair of reference speakers (with a large 
enough speaker cone) be appropriate for the home rig? I know the Alesis 
reference monitors have relatively small speakers (can't remember the 
size) and they seem like they wouldn't be able to handle the types of 
signals from elec. guitar, etc.

Any comments or advice will be appreciated. I'm not sure I provided an 
adequately explaination above.

Regards, Paul