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Re: Space Station Re: the finite nature of things

Wacky on Mr. Sullivan's Space Station casualty rate.  I bought one new 
when it came out, haven't had any problems, picked up a used one a few 
years later, it's also not been a problem.  The other guitarist in my band 
also made extensive use of one and never had any problems.  I've seen 
2112's for about $200, and it also includes a way to put a 10-second 
looper into a patch--someone on the list has documented this.

The Reverberator seemed to have a bad signal:noise to ratio in my unit, 
and the control pedal swept from off to on way too quick.  I remember the 
ducked reverb setting being the only thing I could find a use for.

I also remember hearing that all the XP series were the same except for a 
rom and the external paint/lettering.

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Thanks for the 2112 info...probably easier to find than a Space Station.

Regarding SS vs. Reverberator: While it's true that the casing is the 
same, the circuit of the Space Station is apparently unstable, at least 
according to my pal Mark Sullivan, who owns 4 Space Stations, only two of 
which work. 

Regardless, I still really want a Space Station; I'm just unwilling to pay 
"vintage" prices for something that the Daddy's chain was blowing out for 
$99.99 only 2 years ago. (I wish I'd known about THAT sale!)

As for the Reverberator, they apparently are inconsistent, because while 
you hated yours, mine is marvelous... I a/b'd it with the 
great-for-the-price EH Holy Grail, and the EH lost.  The 'verb'rator gives 
me the Country Joe/Bay Area/Summer'o'Love dark plate thang, plus the 
amusing and useful "Infinite" setting.