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Re: Repeater or EDP

Title: RE: Repeater or EDP
Thanks, Duncan, this is exactlxy the info I needed.
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Sent: Thursday, October 28, 2004 12:03 PM
Subject: RE: Repeater or EDP

>>In theory this is true, but in praxis you may find that the Repeater
can suddenly not record because "tempo too fast" or "CFC card too slow"

I've seen this a lot on my repeaters, even with the proscribed cfc cards. it seems to handle things a bit better using it's own memory instead, but this is somewhat restrictive. usually, though (& in the context of my use, this is no biggy) it will obey after two or three tries.

I have, incidentally, managed to put wavs onto the cfc using a computer & get the repeater to play them. this has, however, always been after creating a "placeholder" of the right duration on the cfc first. so, typically, one would record a loop (maybe all four tracks) onto the repeater, then pull the wavs out into an edit program (soundforge or w.h.y.), tweak them a bit & put them back onto the card without altering their length or overall size. no problems with this so far.



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