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John Peel, RIP

My wife and I both cried yesterday when we learned that John Peel died, 
tragically and prematurely
at the age  of 65.

For those of you who don't know John's work,  he was an incredible 
of all things creative in the
new pop fields over thirty plus years.................from punk to new 
to jungle to two step to whatever,
he was constantly exposing brand new bands to British audiences.     I 
have the cassette recording of when he played Bill's and my 80's 
new wave band , Tao Chemical one night on British Television.
Of all the wonderful things that happened to us,  being played by John 
was the biggest honor and greatest thrill I had in that band.

he will be sorely missed.    I pray that his spirit lives on in all the 
people he inspired................all the people he exposed to new 
audiences.............in all the up and coming young artists that are 
to break new ground with their love of music.

John Peel,   RIP it up wherever you are and thanks!!!!!    We love you.

Rick Walker