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Re: the finite nature of things

"Nemoguitt@aol.com" <Nemoguitt@aol.com> wrote on 10/27/04 11:08 AM:

> my alesis air-fx seems to have passed away, what a bummer!.....
> p.s. if a certain person gets re-elected and i ain't sayin no names, i 
> sell my house and leave this country.....where should i go?.....i'm 
> costa rica seeing that LOOP ISLAND still does not exist

Being a 52 year old MAG myself this reminds me of the Jefferson Starship 
where we all hijack a space ship to escape the evil empire.  An island off
Costa Rica sounds much more plausible - just make sure it does not have any
oil!  Coincidentally, I will be in Mexico during the 
and will either be celebrating or contemplating not coming back.  If the
later, I will need someone to send me my toys!