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the finite nature of things

my alesis air-fx seems to have passed away, what a bummer!.....my rang is sick and i just know that at some point my space station is going to kack.....thank goodness gary was kind enuf to sell me his ineko (the skank lives on!), 2 inekos btw can create major mayhem.....:).....all the talk about "learning in music" made me think i have to re-evaluate my thoughts on my relationship to music but then mathias sez it's ok to play the same thing over and over because it will change anyway and krispen added that music can be a "tonic" to ease one through one's week, it fullfills a need.....i think system meltdowns are one of the meaner aspects of music.....i don't know how i played all those years without LOOP CAPABILITY, perhaps having a good imagination helped but now i sit here in a mild state of dread looking at all my "babies" and knowing that their daze are numbered, who will be the next in line for heartache.....and then YOUNG BILL WALKER refers to us as "MIDDLE AGED GEEZERS" and all i've been thinking about since y2k4 where i turned 56 is that i'm closer to 60 than 50 and i still don't know how to act.....yikes.....i will miss my air fx.....michael

p.s. if a certain person gets re-elected and i ain't sayin no names, i will sell my house and leave this country.....where should i go?.....i'm thinking costa rica seeing that LOOP ISLAND still does not exist